Towing Explained

The rules on what you can tow are different depending on when you passed your driving test (Category B on your licence)

Check your driving licence to see what your legal entitlement is

Licences issued:

If you passed your car test before 1st January 1997 you are usually allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to a 8,250kg maximum authorised mass (MAM).

MAM is the limit on how much the vehicle can weigh when it is loaded.

If you passed you car driving test on or after 1st January 1997 you can :

✓ Drive a car or van up to 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) towing a trailer up to 750kg MAM.

✓ Tow a trailer over 750kg MAM as long as the combined MAM of the trailer and towing vehicle is no more than 3,500kg.

✓ You have to pass the car and trailer (B + E) if you want to tow anything heavier.



B + E is the Driving Standards Agency practical driving test for a car and trailer.

No medical examination or additional theory test is required.

The test is regarded by the DSA as the first step to driving Large Goods Vehicles and is examined accordingly.

The duration of the test is about an hour and a half. 

This driving test takes the candidate through a number of different exercises including reversing, coupling, uncoupling and a controlled stop. 

In addition to the trailer manoeuvring exercises the candidate must show the examiner skill and competency on the road including junctions, roundabouts, lane control, mirror routines, hill starts, angled starts etc.

During the test you will be asked a number of preset questions called ‘show me, tell me’ which must be answered either verbally or practically demonstrated.

Only take your test when you can do everything without instruction.

Successfully passing this test allows a driver to tow a trailer up to a gross weight (trailer including load) of 3500kg. This means a vehicle and trailer with a gross train weight of 7,000kg.

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